Basic education is the start of a lifelong learning. It is important to have a good start! Good education can be realised when there are well-educated and qualified teachers. They are at the heart of learning and teaching the children after all.

That is why Nepal Open University (NOU), Early Childhood Education Centre (ECEC) in Nepal, Driestar University/Woord en Daad  in The Netherlands and NLA University College in Norway have started a collaboration to establish teacher education program including Bachelor Degree in
Education in a blend of face-to-face, distance and online mode at the Nepal Open University aiming to produce competent teachers for f Basic and Secondary School Education of Nepal.

The teacher education program will be a mix of practical and theoretical learning, with special attention to didactics and inclusive child-centred teaching. On April 8 2018, the official MoU was signed between the four  parties.

The establishment of the joint venture is the first step of the INTENT-programme (Introducing a New Triangle to Educate Nepalese Teachers). INTENT forms a triangle of University, Education Consultancy Centres and Model schools (figure 1).

In this triangle, the students of Teacher education programme will follow practical training in selected model schools, which are trained and supported by education consultancy centres.