A good example is followed well, as the expression says. Exactly that principle is at the heart of the model schools which are established in Nepal. These schools have two important functions: they are a good example for other schools to follow, and they offer good quality internships for students.

During the first months of this year a few schools have been selected to fulfill this role of model school. Partner organization ECEC accompanies these schools. For now, the focus is on two regions: Mahalaxmi and Itahari. In these regions six model schools are selected. Amongst these schools are both public and private institutions. The local authorities are involved in this process and they support this development.

All model schools will get a first rating this year. Based on the results, a school development plan will be written. These plans include necessary investment in materials and training of the staff to improve the quality of the schools. We expect to start with the first training programs before the end of the year. This training will also include mentoring skills.