In October 2019 the consortium members CTF and EFSL from INCE Sierra Leone visited the Netherlands to work on their proposition at the Woord en Daad office. Since then, they have started to look for local partner organisations and they have been working on an INCE business plan for the coming years. Although COVID-19 has an impact on the progress of the projects, they work hard to develop their plans.


List of local partner organisations

The INCE consortium members of CTF and EFSL are currently looking for local organisations that could participate in one of the strategic networks of INCE. The contact persons from EFSL and CTF in Sierra Leone have agreed to make a long list with possible partners to work on advisory services, policy influencing, training of teachers et cetera.

Once this list has been made, an evaluation and further screening will provide a shortlist of possible partner organisations in the country. This shortlist will consist of national organisations with specific added value to support the INCE vision and strategy. Further meetings will further develop the specific roles of such network partners to INCE Sierra Leone.


Working on a business plan

EFSL and CTF staff are also working on a business plan. In this business plan they are detailing income and expenditures for rolling out INCE in Sierra Leone during the coming year(s). Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and restrictions taken by government of Sierra Leone, the INCE partner organizations are working from home and the work has slowed down. We hope and pray that this crisis soon will be over!