Two schools in Burkina Faso took the challenge to fill in the scorecard. This scorecard gives an overview of the quality of the education at the school. On the basis of the results the schools can start a trajectory to improve the quality of its education. In the coming months more schools will fill in the scorecard and start improving.

Context-specific tool

To measure the quality of the schools Woord en Daad has been using a scorecard for several years now. This scorecard measures the quality of the education and the cooperation between individual schools. The schools receive a score (1 to 4) on 7 themes. This tool has been adapted for INCE Burkina Faso and has also been made context-specific. The two private schools filled in the questionnaire during a two-day session. 25 people participated in these sessions, including two local INCE-project leaders, a delegate from each of the organisations who own the schools and delegates from local authorities and other schools.


It is an instrument to initiate self-reflection within the school. The scorecard is therefore not an assessment tool with a bad or good result, but a tool to initiate improvement. Schools / teachers fill in the scorecard themselves and can, based on the score obtained, think for themselves in which areas they want to improve. An action plan is integrated in the tool. The actions that must lead to improvement are also determined by the applicants. By filling in the scorecard periodically, it can be measured whether the change initiated has led to improvement.

More schools to follow

The scorecard has now been filled in by two schools in Burkina and another two will follow shortly. These schools function as so-called ‘model schools’. These schools are motivated to improve and to involve other schools in this improvement process. Together with them, we are curious about the results of the improvement process that has been initiated and which they themselves fully own. Later, they can also request the help of the School Advisory Service, which is currently being established in Burkina.