Reflective learning app – pilot

Last summer, INCE PSD started a pilot with the reflective learning app at Haiti Tec. Haiti Tec is a technical and vocational training center in Haiti and is a partner organization of INCE Haiti. The reflective learning app addresses the opportunity to strengthen teacher/trainer development by using an innovative learning application.

Aim of the project
The aim of this project is to provide insight into how the BEDDERx app can contribute to Haiti Tec’s training program, trusting that the app will contribute and be supportive to the entire education sector of Haiti (through INCE Haiti) after the pilot and maybe in more INCE contexts as well.

Schedule of the pilot
1. Brown Paper Session – Brainstorming, goals and function of ‘nudging’.
2. Support by BEDDERx – Journey design, content creation, guiding and coaching.
3. Internal kick-off – Presentation and explanation of the app to the team of users.
4. Regular use – Subscription to nudges, the coach as community manager via the app.
5. Evaluation – All parties evaluate the project in November / December 2020.

The reflective learning app – Aim and use

  • Aims to leverage technology to address the problem and opportunity of (ongoing) teacher development in developing contexts.
  • Can be integrated in teacher training and can be used on an ongoing basis by teachers on-the-job. The application is easily accessible through a smartphone and facilitates distance learning.
  • Addresses the problem of most teachers in the INCE contexts, lacking didactical and pedagogical skills to deliver the best possible instruction in classrooms.
  • Can be used to develop the capacities of teachers to improve on their classroom practices through (self-) reflection and peer learning.
  • Enables distance learning, feeding the (student) teacher with small portions (nudges) of knowledge combined with practical assignments and reflection questions.
  • Offers the opportunity for joint learning of student teachers, making teacher training even more effective.
  • Contributes to transforming teacher training from mainly theoretical to practice-oriented.

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