Quality standards for in-service training with format

An instrument that will help to develop teacher trainings according to high standards of teacher training. Besides it will guarantee a consistent high quality of teacher training development in the trainings to be developed or in existing trainings that will be adjusted in accordance with the standards.

Related to the quality standards there is a format for trainings to be developed which helps to work out the requirements that are set in the standards.

The quality standards are devised as a semi-finished product. This means that a further contextualization can be done in the country itself.


By using the quality standards a minimum level of quality will be achieved in all trainings to be developed. Besides the quality of all trainings will be clearly noticeable by the participants.


The standards will form a guideline for all trainings to be developed or to be adjusted to meet the a high level of quality of Christian education. It contains a clear overview of minimum requirements that can be applied easily. Besides the overview includes ideas and instructions for how to apply them in trainings. The quality standards reflect scientifically proved assumptions for quality teacher training On top of that it assures efficient, effective and sustainable learning. Last but not least, contemporary and proved assumptions from the areas of didactics, pedagogics and andragogics have been taken into account.
The quality standards focus on the future target groups of adult participants (teachers/ school leaders) with different levels of education and experience.

The quality standards assure that all different trainings will take into account a connection with the existing knowledge/ experience of the participants and a connection with their daily work and context on the area of education.

The quality standards can relatively easy applied in several sorts of trainings and do not require a large budget or infrastructural/ equipment conditions (e.g. ICT).


The use of the quality standards will help to offer a consistent quality in the trainings to be developed. The standards will also make sure that the most crucial areas of teacher training will have been covered.

Target group

The quality standards can be used by any organization that is active on the area of teacher training. They do not serve Christian teacher training necessarily.

Format for trainings

Related to the quality standards there is a format for trainings to be developed which helps to work out the requirements that are set in the standards.


  1. Instructional strategy
  2. Programme duration and planning
  3. Case study
  4. Module 1
  5. Other modules (copy structure from module 1)
  6. Evaluation of the training


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