Online training programme ‘Christian Teaching’

In March, PSD is starting the online training programme ‘Christian Teaching’ at the Care Channels Learning Center in Lahore (Pakistan). PSD is also talking with other partners, including CTF and EFSL in Sierra Leone, about a training programme that will strengthen the teachers in whatever context they find themselves. The development of more modules will follow, but at this point PSD can offer module one of the online training programme ‘Christian Teaching’.

Module 1

Module 1 consists of:

A. Classroom communities and moral education
Aims and objectives (among others)
After this module the students will know and understand:

  • what a learning community is, and how it can be established in class
  • what the role of personal relationships is
  • how to deal with disruptive behaviour in class
  • the purpose of discipline
  • what important classroom rules are, and how to formulate them

B. Why, how and what to assess in the classroom
Aims and objectives
After this module the students will:

  • understand the aims of assessment and how to judge them within a biblical framework of education
  • know different kinds of assessment, their purpose and when to use them
  • have summarized their vision about using assessment in the classroom

C. Models and foundations for Christian curriculum design

Aims and objectives
After this module the students will:

  • know factors involved in writing Faith Integrated Learning materials and why they need to persevere in this task
  • be able to write materials for Faith Integrated Learning

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