Leadership in times of crisis

Short Online Course | Train-the-Trainer approach

In these times of crisis, much is expected from school leaders. Children and teachers can no longer go to school. Direct communication with teachers, children and parents is difficult, yet leadership is needed, practically as well as strategically.

Which topics will we cover?

  • Questions inventoried in advance as starting point of learning.
  • Learning from other participants from other (country) contexts.
  • Insights from scientific literature linked to daily practice.
  • Practical and strategic guidelines.
  • Drawing up a plan of action.

What do we do during the train-the-trainer sessions?

Session 1:
The Driestar consultant will lead the first session on leadership in times of crisis for about 10 persons. In coordination with the partner organization a number of capable, potential trainers will be selected.

Session 2:
The second session will be a train-the-trainer session with 50% adult education and 50% leadership in times of crisis.

Session 3:

The third session will be led by the Driestar consultant together with two local trainers for a new group of about 10 persons. The Driestar consultant will be in charge of the session.

Session 4:
One or two local trainers will lead the session for a new group of about 10 persons. The Driestar consultant observes and coaches both trainers afterwards together and individually.

Who is the course for?

Existing or new partner organisations in INCE countries or beyond who speak English around intermediate level (B1).

When does it start?

June, July, September (suitable dates to be determined with the participants)

What do we expect from the participants?

You hand in a pre-assignment and attend the four sessions with an interactive attitude.

What is the price?

Ask for price quotation at INCE PSD. Also included in the price will be study material and the hours of coaching or consultation as described above.

Who is the course leader?


Leen Ruijgrok
Educational advisor, Educational leadership at Driestar Christian University (The Netherlands)

How can I join the course? 

Send an email to INCE Product & Solution Delivery or ask for more information: S.P.vandenBerg@driestar-educatief.nl

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