How to understand and support children in need of help

A course for teachers who desire a better understanding and support for children who are in need of help.


Content of the training

The attention of teachers should not be limited to the intellectual aspects of a child’s development. A child, like every human being, is a physical, cognitive, emotional and social being. The course shows teachers that teaching is more effective and guidance more fruitful when they are able to understand a child in all aspects of the child’s life: their family background, the way the child relates to others, their fears and their ambitions. The course will stimulate the teacher to look beyond his/her experience and daily routines, when children are facing complex problems. To do this, a method of systematic reflection on children’s problems at school is presented. The main tool in this reflection is the so-called ‘step-by-step model’. This model offers teachers a rich recourse for analyzing children’s problems and analyzing their own way of thinking and acting critically.


The teacher will have:

  • New insights into his/her own way of analyzing children’s problems and his/her own behavior.
  • New skills in supporting the children who face complex problems.

Target group

Any teacher who:

  • Needs more knowledge of understanding and supporting children who need help.
  • Is willing to learn new skills in order to work with the ‘understanding children-step-by-step’ support model.

The ‘How to understand… ‘training program is part of the Edu4Change series. Other parts of the program are: Educational Leadership, The Art of Teaching and Parents as Partners.

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