Guidelines for communicating with parents

Short Online Course

Most schools are closed during this pandemic, and many TTIs and school teachers have set up ‘distance-learning’. This means they may have less control over the learning-process which they normally have in the classroom. Teachers have to put this process into the hands of the parents. In this situation, good and regular contact with parents is very important! 

Which topics will we cover?

  • Questions inventoried in advance as starting point of learning.
  • Learning from other participants from other (country) contexts.
  • Parent involvement that stimulates the well-being and learning process of pupils.

What do we do during the sessions?

Session 1:
– Discussing the questions submitted in advance.

– Sharing experiences by the participants.
– Explaining the basics of communication with parents (on distance).
– Which skills do teachers need on this area, especially now?

Session 2:
– Prioritizing actions when the pupils come back to school.
– Conversations between parents, pupils and teachers.
– Making a questionnaire for the conversations.

Session 3:
– Connecting to pupils who return to school after a long period of being home.
– Creating an atmosphere that invites pupils to share their stories.
– Getting parents involved at the start of the school life of the pupils.

Who is the course for?

Teachers in INCE countries or beyond who speak English around intermediate level (B1).

When does it start?

June and July (suitable dates to be determined with the participants)

What do we expect from the participants?

You hand in a pre-assignment and attend the three sessions with an interactive attitude.

What is the price?

The price of the course is € 95 for three session of 2 hours (6 in total). Ask your partner organization for funding possibilities. Also included in the price: study material and 1 hour of individual coaching or consultation online after the course.

Who is the course leader?

Mirelle de Lange
Educational advisor, Parent involvement at Driestar Christian University (The Netherlands)

How can I join the course? 

Send an email to INCE Product & Solution Delivery or ask for more information:

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