Consultancy training

Leading a school to the next level

Content of the training

This training contributes to your personal development concerning the consultancy activities. A crucial part of the training is about developing a baseline in the schools and, equally important, about translating the baseline outcomes into a development program for the school. It could imply that some things need to change in the school (management). During the course we will look at the challenges for a consultant when changes need to be implemented.

Often the trainer will ask you to reflect on your own experiences from the theory that is explained or to share your ideas with other participants. For example, the habits of Covey: How are you going to apply them? And what kind of consultant would you like to be? In what way would you like to communicate new plans with the school leader?

Each day the training starts with a devotion based on a passage from the Bible. These devotions put the themes of the day in the light of the Kingdom of God. It may also encourage you to have your values and ambitions aligned with God’s purposes for education.


The results and impact of the training will differ from person to person. The success depends on to which extent you will be involved in the course. In other words, it comes down to having an open (learning) mind. In addition, there is the input and approach given by the trainer. He will stimulate you to continue to develop yourself during the training but also afterwards. Of course, the success also depends on the training course itself. A special online tool will enable you to give feedback after the training. We hope the training will contribute to productive school assessments as a result of new insights in your own way of working!

Target group

Anyone who is involved in the sector of school advisory as a trainer or consultant.

After the training you know

    • How to develop and maintain good relationships with school leaders.
    • How people people are influenced by paradigms and what is necessary to make a paradigm shift.
    • How to work on communication skills e.g. feedback in light of the consultancy work.
    • How to work from problem to plan and from plan to advice. How to translate the baseline outcomes into a development path for the school.
    • How to lead effectively in a culture of change.
    • How to monitor a project including time-management. 


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This training was previously considered at Early Childhood Education Center in Nepal. Participants share their experience.

“This was the course I was looking for. Now I am so happy to implement this into my day today professional life.”
Shanti Prasad Dahal


“The course covered all aspects of preparing myself to understand myself, what different strategies we need to apply to be an effective consultant from baseline to plan to advice.”
Anupama Mukhia


“I feel now that I have an idea on what I could do and how I could take forward my job and responsibility as a consultant.”
Hadassah Dona 


S.P. (Sjoerd) van den Berg

S.P. (Sjoerd) van den Berg

Project Manager INCE

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