The art of teaching


Content of the course

In this course we focus on the teachers, their teaching skills and their role in the learning process of children. We start with daily practice: the lessons of yesterday and tomorrow. We will discuss lesson preparation by using a lesson plan format. What is done before and during a lesson should be seen in the context of the higher purpose of education. We will discover that the purposes of Christian teaching can be strongly derived from Scripture. Having these purposes in mind (more or less implicitly) will strongly influence on how we view children and teachers.

Every child is unique and the teacher has to adjust his or her educational methods according to the differences between the children. To stimulate the different children to learn actively, is very complex in large classes. Participants will become aware of their important role in the children’s learning process.

During the course we will practise and discuss active and cooperative learning strategies that can be applied in tomorrow’s lesson and discover how resources can support teaching. The course will end an assignment to apply the newly refined skills into school practice.

It is a principle of the course to include didactical strategies as examples for the participants. At the end of the course the participants will give a lesson in which they practise everything that was learnt during this course.



The participants will get new insights and ideas regarding the way they teach and the children learn. They will also exercise new strategies. By learning in a reflective way, they learn how to improve their teaching methods via a process of evaluation, reflection and learning as a teacher.


Target group

Teacher who want to improve their teaching skills in order to let their students perform better.



The main objectives of the course are:

  • This course helps teachers to comprehend how children learn and can perform to their full potential
  • The teachers will understand their role in this process.


We reach the objectives by:

  1. Practising the actual lesson preparation:
    • Participants are able to implement the principles of lesson designing in their daily teaching practice.
  2. Reflection on the purpose of education and the roles of a teacher:
    • Participants are able to reflect on the goal of education and are able to adjust their teaching methods accordingly.
  3. Acquiring and perfecting didactical and pedagogical skills:
    • Participants have a good pedagogical and biblical view of the child and understand children’s needs and learning preferences.
    • Participants have a good pedagogical and biblical view of the teacher and their role in the children’s development.
    • Participants acquire the necessary knowledge to develop a more interactive relationship with students.
    • Participants understand what active and cooperative learning is and are able to work with activities that stimulate active learning.
    • Participants learn why and how to use resources in a meaningful way and how to create a rich learning environment.


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