The Essential Christian Teacher: A course with personal impact!

Is your school or school organization interested in having committed teachers to transform their classroom practice and to serve the purposes of God in the lives of their students? This course equips the teachers in their professional and spiritual lives in the school and classroom.


Course aims

The Essential Christian Teacher:

  • will help the Christian teachers define what it means to be a genuinely Christian practitioner in the community of a Christian school.
  • will deepen the insight of the Christian teachers at the  academic level as well as at a practical and spiritual level.

Target group

Christian teachers in their own national settings, who:

  • have had some formal training.
  • Have had some teaching experience.
  • are in a setting that gives them freedom to shape a collegiate
    and Christian approach to their teaching.


We can send you the flyer of The Essential Christian Teacher. Send an email to and get more insight in the different themes of the sessions.