From August to November 2019 one of the trainers of INCE partner organization ECEC participated in the International Class at Driestar Christian University in the Netherlands. In the International Class students from different countries focus on the meaning of Christian education and what it means to be a Christian educator. Part of the program is doing research based on questions rising from the situation of education in their home countries.

The Nepalese trainer did his research on the way in which educational consultants in the Netherlands help schools to improve their quality. Based on this research he formulated lessons learned for the Nepalese context. One of his recommendations is to put more effort into involving the parents in the trajectory of quality improvement in Nepalese schools. He also recommends interventions for the leadership in Nepalese schools.

For the INTENT project this research is very useful. It can be used when training consultants for the model schools. In addition, it will be helpful in the plans to develop the model schools.

In Nepal using the baseline for the model schools which has been implemented over the past few months. Based on the reports, plans for improvement will be developed.