Last year six model schools were selected in Nepal. These schools want to improve their education and perform better. The schools signed an agreement to underline this motivation. The six schools have various backgrounds. Some are government schools; others are private schools. Project leader Jaap Braaksma visited Nepal.

‘During my visit to Nepal I met students and teachers. Once more I realized how important it is that teachers keep on learning.’ One of the schools he visited is a Christian school. It’s a school with several buildings and a good example of inclusive education. Disabled children join the regular classes. Some of these children were not able to go to school in the villages, but they are welcome at this school.

Room for improvement

This specific school is one of the six model schools. These model schools set an example for other schools in Nepal to follow. The education system in Nepal leaves a lot of room for improvement. A report which was published in 2016 concludes: ‘Despite the efforts made by the universities and Ministry of Education in training teachers, available literature shows that there has been a very little impact of these teacher training programs on the students’ achievement…’ (Gautam, 2016)

Training about to start

INTENT Nepal, the name under which INCE operates in Nepal, takes on this challenge. The model schools are part of the program. Another part focusses on the curriculum of teacher education at the universities. The Nepalese government is working on a new education law, but the parliament vote was postponed again. Since this law will have consequences for the curriculum, this trajectory is partly slowed down. The development of a 4-year curriculum for teacher education is delayed, but the INTENT-partners do develop 1-year training courses.

This year the first training course will start. In March 30 students will be recruited for the training course and in May the course will begin. This training course will improve the capabilities of teachers and support them in their daily work.