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School advisory service & Leadership consultancy

Leadership in times of crisis

The online course will learn the teacher how to be a leader during times of crisis.

Guidelines for communicating...

This online course will give the teacher guidelines for communicating with parents during distance learning.

How to understand...

The course will stimulate the teacher to look beyond his experience and daily routines when children are facing complex problems.


This course on leadership makes you aware of the power of a vision and ambition in leading a team.

Consultancy training

This training contributes to your personal development concerning consultancy activities.

Parents as partners

This training contributes to your personal development concerning the collaboration with parents.

The Art of teaching

This training gives new insights and ideas regarding Christian teaching and the learning of children.

Support children in need of help

This training offers teachers a resource for analyzing children’s problems and analyzing their own way of thinking and acting critically.

Workshop Policy Influencing

This workshop aims at policy influencing strategies for quality education. Participants will be trained in the practice of lobby and advocacy.

ince.orgChristian education & Teacher training

Essential Christian Teacher

This course equips the teachers in their professional and spiritual lives in the school and classroom.


This instrument characterizes Christian education practices in your country or area.

Quality standards

The quality standards help to offer a consistent quality in the trainings to be developed.