In 2017 INCE Burkina Faso was the first INCE country. A business plan was written for the set-up and implementation of INCE BF early 2017. A project leader was appointed and in May 2017 INCE Burkina Faso started officially with a kick-off in the Netherlands.

INCE BF consists of a consortium of partners in Burkina Faso and Woord en Daad. The partners in Burkina Faso are: CREDO and AEAD both implementing a large Education Program providing quality Christian education for children and youngsters from primary to higher education; AESEB a network of Christian schools providing capacity building to schools and working on policy influencing for quality Christian education; Vision Afrique and EFORE providing initial Christian teacher training. Together they form a strong consortium within the (Christian) Education sector able to make a difference.

Activities of INCE BF will be set up around the key elements of INCE: 1) Quality initial and in-service (Christian) teacher training; 2) School advisory services and method/ curricula development and 3) Policy Influencing.

In 2017 the strategy of INCE BF has been worked out and a market and context analysis is conducted to get insight in the concrete needs and possibilities for INCE BF. Also standards for the quality of INCE BF products have been defined.
In 2018 the first pilots for the roll out of INCE BF products will be implemented.