Friday, 19th of June 2020, Boaz Da held his final thesis presentation of his Master’s degree in Learning and innovation – Christian Education at Driestar University. He works for AESEB, consortium member of INCE Burkina Faso, and conducted research on how teachers can integrate values in a government curriculum. His innovation with various tools gave teachers increased awareness, motivation and confidence on how to teach Christian values in their lessons.

Ideas for future improvements

Boaz: “When I discovered the Master’s in Christian Education, I knew it would fulfill all my needs. As it’s an international program, I learnt about different education systems and different approaches to Christian education. I can now compare the system I know in my country to others and reflect on my own system. This gives me ideas for future improvements.”

Biblical values in classroom

At the Alliance Church High School of Ouagadougou, the Master’s student aimed to explore how Christian teachers manage with biblical values in a government (non-Christian) curriculum environment. In addition, his research aimed to improve the awareness of biblical values in the classroom. Boaz suggested a tool for values teaching based on the ‘Teaching for Transformation’ (TfT) framework as an innovative approach of teaching Biblical values. Together with INCE Burkina Faso, he will look for opportunities to scale this innovation.

One of the first graduates

Boaz is one of the first graduates of the Master’s program in Learning and innovation – Christian Education. This Master’s program, which started in 2018, aims to improve Christian education worldwide, and focuses on the backgrounds and practices of education. Boaz: “The modules give you a solid knowledge of general and especially Christian education. We are also learning to support other teachers to develop good practices in Christian education.”