In 2019, INCE started in Haiti. The general goal of INCE is to structurally improve the quality and governance of education in Haiti through its members, to make education more relevant for students and society. For 2021, the INCE consortium has a new plan!

Looking back on 2019-2020

In 2019, all consortium members were in The Netherlands for the INCE kick-off. We defined a few leverage points: standardization, teacher training, curriculum adaptation, leadership and cooperation and sector governance.

In 2020 political instability and violence was increasing and COVID-19was a big threat.  Despite these difficult circumstances, the consortium established a distance learning program. Now the schools are reopening, the consortium needs a new focus.

2021: working on a literacy program

In 2021, INCE Haiti will be working on a literacy program. Literacy is not just about basic reading and writing. It’s a profound way of understanding, real world comprehension. It’s part of living in a society, of social responsibility, morality. It’s about social justice, compassion, human dignity. So, we are not just pushing literacy but connecting it to a bigger dream of transformational power.

In the coming months, the Haiti consortium, together with a team of international literacy experts, will be working on a literacy definition and framework. Assessment and data collection will be important aspects of this literacy framework.

Starting at 500 schools

Our ambition is to start with a professional literacy program at the (almost) 500 INCE schools. Once we have built a track record, we want to scale up the project and even present it to the ministry of education.