Towards the end of February the academic year in Guatemala will be starting again, most probably in a hybrid form of virtual and blended education, though this will constantly be defined by government regulations and covid-19 statistics. During the start up of the year, the INCE network in Guatemala will launch the teacher training manual for the 30,000 public school teachers in two regions of Guatemala: Quetzaltenango and Guatemala.


Training the facilitators

In the next few weeks the consortium will train either presential or face-to-face a large number of facilitators that will be able to lead the groups of teachers that are going to be working through the manual this year. The consortium is preparing a series of videos that will be developed as a guide for each of the 10 modules, as well as an introduction to the school improvement program and the background of why we have the program.


Igniting a passion

In the midst of seriously affected learning outcomes of students having had a year of virtual home education, we hope to ignite in teachers a passion for teaching and making a difference in the lives and learning of a large number of children.


Proposal declined

We submitted a proposal in January with a foundation in the USA to support our work in 2021 as a way of dealing with a post covid-19 context, but unfortunately our proposal was not accepted. We do continue to work hard in presenting our work in different places to get donors interested in the pilot program!