For more than 25 years Woord en Daad has been implementing an education programme in Haiti in cooperation with its partner organisations. These partners reach at least 10.000 children per year through direct support, teacher training and curriculum development.
In 2018 this program will be integrated in the International Network for Christian Education, with the aim to strengthen its sectoral approach and impact on the quality of education.

Within INCE Haiti we use an integrated sectoral approach for education that consists of:
1. A network of schools (primary, secondary, vocational education)
2. Quality of teacher education
3. Educational advisory services and curriculum development
4. Policy influencing (enabling environment for schools, proper sectoral planning)
5. Quality assurance (accreditation of schools)
Most of these elements exist in the Haitian context, to a greater or a lesser extent, but the linkages are generally speaking missing. Within INCE we want to improve the different components but also strengthen the connections in between to ensure a proper base for an education sector that provides prospects for children and young people.

By 2022 INCE Haiti has the ambition to reach at least 4,000 primary schools in Haiti (25% of the total) with products for quality improvement and positive impact from policy influencing.

In the first week of February two INCE team members will visit Haiti to select a new partner organisation for policy influencing and a private/business partner.
It is planned to organize a kick-off workshop in The Netherlands per April, for the key-partners of INCE Haiti.